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  • After the Yes The personal blog of a husband and wife team featuring fantasy dildo reviews as well as reflections on married life. My favorite post: How We Met.
  • Chronic Sex– A blog at the intersection of sex-positivity and life with chronic illness, subverting ableism wherever it’s found. My favorite post: Self-Care for Rough Days.
  • Hey Epiphora– I’ve adored everything Epiphora has written since the good old days (bad old days?) at Eden Fantasys. This blog’s snark is just as delightfully brutal as it was in 2008. My favorite post, Step Inside My Sex Toy Closet, is pure, uncensored organization porn.
  • Le Journal– Toy reviews from a trauma recovery perspective. Some reviews are written in French, which is delightful even if I can’t actually read them. My favorite post: We-Vibe Rave Review.
  • Oh Joy Sex Toy– A light-hearted and totally unique illustrated blog about sex toys and sexual health. It’s sex ed, comic-book-style. My favorite post: Vulvovaginal Anatomy.