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Fun Factory Stronic Drei Pulsator

I have a bit of an obsession with vibrators with a thrust function. I’m obsessed with them not because they work well but because they never seem to work at all. Every time I come across one with decent reviews, I toss it in my shopping cart and hope for the best. Inevitably, thrusting toys fail because their motors aren’t powerful enough to stand up to my vaginal muscles. My vagina clamps down on them and instead of thrusting in, the body of the toy thrusts out. I was super excited to find that Fun Factory’s Stronic Drei utilizes different technology than other thrusting vibrators on the market.

Why Fun Factory’s Pulsators Are Unique

Unlike the traditional thrusting plunger-type vibrators, the Stronic Drei’s thrusting action relies on magnets inside of the toys that collide and cause the toy to move back and forth. Fun Factory says that the toys in its Stronic line (there are three total in the first generation of Stronic Pulsators) are not vibrators at all but pulsators. So what’s a pulsator? Instead of rapid buzzing vibration, the pulsator delivers a rhythmic thrusting motion. The Stronic Drei is more like the thumping bass of a subwoofer than high-pitched speaker-like buzzy vibrations of a standard vibrator. Rumbly vibrator lovers, rejoice! The Stronic Drei’s pulsations are deliciously deep and thuddy. There 10 speed and algorithmic patterns.


When you press the “Fun” button to turn the toy on, the first setting is Fun Factory’s “perfect” setting. Indeed I found that initial setting to be the most pleasant combination of thrusting speed and power.

The Stronic Drei has a distinctive curve designed for g-spot stimulation. Because the shaft is relatively long, the Drei is less than ideal for direct g-spot stimulation. When full inserted, the head of the toy (which is upturned to stimulate the g-spot) is positioned beyond the g-spot. When I inserted the toy halfway to target my g-spot, the back and forth motion ejected the toy right out of my vagina. For me, this just isn’t a g-spot toy.

But I’m still not mad at the Stronic Eins because I didn’t buy it for the g-spot stimulation. I bought it because I wanted to try Fun Factory’s pulsation tech. Fun Factory’s describes the thrusting action as “natural,” meaning that it mimics the thrusting of a penis or dildo. I’m not so sure. Typically, you’d thrust more than a half-inch or so during intercourse. But that’s what Stronic Drei is limited to. I shuffled through the settings, loving the thrusting action but wanted to feel more.


Unfortunately, it just didn’t deliver for me. One thing that probably limits the thrusting of the Drei is a combination of the silicone’s texture and the ridged texture. In my experience, the Fun Factory’s silicone is highly but finely textured, resulting in a “draggy” texture rather than sleek softness. Along with the ridges, the draggy silicone means that Drei doesn’t glide easily. The combination also made the ridges feel more pronounced. As someone who doesn’t mind a bit of texture but doesn’t love a lot of texture, it was a bit uncomfortable. A lot of lube is needed to use the Drei.

Like all of Fun Factory’s creations, the Stronic Drei is of quality construction and I expect it to last for several years. The powerful magnet inside makes it much heavier than other toys like it. It wasn’t heavy enough to make my hand tired, though. Lastly, at 4.5 inches in insertable length and 1.72 inches in diameter at the pulsator is on the girthy side. Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing is up to you. I personally don’t love anything over 1.5 inches in diameter but that’s just me.

The Same Questions We Always Ask

  • Manufacturer? Fun Factory
  • MSRP? $189
  • Materials? Silicone and ABS plastic
  • Body-safe? Yes
  • Anal-safe? Yes, the base is flared
  • Color Options? Blue and Pink
  • Dimensions? 9.4in L/ 4.5 insertable x 1.72 D
  • Suggested use? G-spot and prostate stimulation. Although not my g-spot, apparently.
  • Vibration strength? Pulsations are moderate and left me wanting more.
  • How’s it powered? USB-rechargeable with a magnetic connector (USB adaptor is not included)
  • Charge time/ Run-time? 6-8 hour initial charge/ 3 hours
  • Waterproof? Yes, fully submersible
  • Lube? Use plenty of water-based lube
  • Easy of cleaning? Easy-peasy. Wash with soap and water before and after use.

Final Thoughts

Even though Drei and I weren’t a perfect match, I’m not giving up on Fun Factory’s Stronic Line. It’s truly innovative and I’d like to try the Stronic Eins. Its sleeker design looks like it would solve all of the problems I had with the Drei. Until then, my quest for the perfect thrusting vibrator continues.

Stronic Drei by Fun Factory


Body Safe Rating


Build Quality


Vibration Strength





  • Silicone is body-safe
  • Flared base
  • Thrusting action is innovative
  • Waterproof and fully submersible
  • Pulsations are deep


  • Pulsation strength is moderate
  • Material requires more lube
  • MSRP is very expensive at $189
  • Heavy