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Quick Tips: Rumbly Versus Buzzy Vibrators

This is the first in a series of short but essential educational posts about sex toys and the sex toy industry.

Rumbly? Buzzy? Let me explain…

Sometimes it seems like sex toy reviewers have our own language. One of the most common concepts discussed in vibrator reviews is whether a particular toy has “buzzy” or “rumbly” vibrations. If you’re an experienced sex toy user, you probably know exactly what this means but if not, you may not automatically intuit these terms- or why they’re important.

Buzzy Vibrations

Vibrators with “buzzy” vibrations emit high-pitched surface-level vibrations from their motors. In my experience, buzzy vibrators tend to numb the tissue quickly and aren’t well suited for long sessions. Buzzy vibrators are comparable to the high-pitched hum and feel of an electric toothbrush. Buzzy vibes leave you feeling teased or tickled rather than deeply massaged.

Rumbly Vibrations

If a buzzy vibe is akin to the fast flutter of a Sonicare, a “rumbly” vibe is like deep quake of a washing machine. Rumbly vibrations have a lower pitch and are often more deeply stimulating than their buzzy cousins. Rumbly vibes are better for long leisurely sessions because they won’t numb the user as quickly. While there are affordable options, rumbly motors tend to be found in more expensive products. See the list of recommendations below for some affordable rumbly vibrators.

Whether you prefer buzzy or rumbly toys is up to you and your body. Sex toy reviewers, as well as many experienced consumers, tend to prefer the rumbly vibes but not everyone does. And plenty of people orgasm from both despite their preference for one type. Experimenting with different toys within your budget is the only way to decide what’s best for you.

Recommended Rumbly Vibrators (Under $110)

Want to add a rumbly vibe to your collection and see what all of the fuss is about? Here are some popular options I’d recommend:

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