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We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Vibrator Review

We-Vibe, the makers of the new Moxie Wearable App-Controlled Vibrator, is sex toy royalty. And for good reason: We-Vibe Tango, the company’s bullet vibrator, has won over even the steeliest of clits with its shockingly deep and powerful vibrations. The company’s lobster claw-shaped dual-stimulator, Nova, is one of the best-designed rabbit vibrators on the market. In fact, it’s the only dual-stimulator that I recommend because its super flexible clitoral arm fits the anatomy of the majority of vulva-owners. So when I heard that We-Vibe created a new panty vibrator, Moxie, I was more than excited to try it.

Blue We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Clitoral Vibrator with black panties


The panty vibe-style vibrator is not new on the market. However, We-Vibe has introduced some much-needed improvements with Moxie. Unlike other wearable clitoral vibrators, Moxie doesn’t come with a specially-designed pair of panties with a pocket for the vibrator. Instead, Moxie uses a magnetic system to hold itself in place. The simple addition of a magnet makes Moxie much more versatile than the competition. A magnet means no more trying squeeze in a supposedly one-size-fits-all teeny bikini that big asses like mine eat for breakfast. Also, this vibe and its magnet clip make no assumptions about your gender identity. Moxie is just as at home in a pair of boxer briefs as it is in a lacey pair of panties. Because Moxie is only about an inch wide, it will fit in almost any underwear. The only exceptions are g-strings and crotch-less panties.

Included in the box with Moxie are two magnets (one is extra) and a remote, along with a bag to contain it all. While all of We-Vibe’s products come with a satin drawstring bag for storage, it’s especially handy in this case because it’s terribly easy to lose the small remote or magnetic clips. If you’ve ever had a remote-controlled vibrator, you know how remotes tend to get lost like loose socks get lost in the laundry. So make use of that little satin bag, it’ll save you all kinds of heartbreak!

We-Vibe Moxie’s controls are quite versatile. You or a partner can control the vibrator with the included remote within 20 feet. Otherwise, the company’s We-Connect app allows someone to control the clitoral vibrator from anywhere in the world. Want to pleasure a partner in L.A. while you’re sitting in your Parisian pied-à-terre? Moxie can do that with ease. Just install We-Vibe’s We-Connect app on both of your phones, pair Moxie via Bluetooth, turn it on, and clip it into a pair of underwear.

Screenshots from We-Vibe We-Connect App
The We-Connect app controls the vibrator’s speed and patterns. Moxie’s user or a connected partner can set steady vibrations, preset patterns or a user-created pattern.

In Use

Since We-Vibe recommends Moxie for discreet public play, I decided to take the vibe out into the wild to test it in real-world conditions:

Local Park, Swingset, 10:15am

When I need a quick pick-me-up, I run down the street to the local park. I hop on a swing, take flight, and leave it all behind, if only for a moment. And somehow, I knew that Moxie would make the perfect complement to my Swing set escape. This morning, I head over to the park and fortunately, it’s deserted. With Moxie switched on and secured to my black cotton granny panties, I sit and swing. In addition to seven patterns, Moxie has three intensity levels, so I switch it to the first level. Sadly, the vibrations aren’t as rumbly as I’d hoped. They aren’t annoyingly buzzy either, thank goddess, so I’m not in danger of numbing my vulva.

As I gain some height on the swing, I turn up the intensity level. I tip my pelvis forward and suddenly wish the vibrator had a bit of squish (like We-Vibe’s Wish) to make it more comfortable to sit on. I’m not uncomfortable per se but as the swing’s seat mashes the vibrator against my labia, I long for a cushion. Eventually, I gain even more momentum and switch Moxie to its highest intensity. Perhaps We-Vibe’s Tango spoiled me but even Moxie’s highest setting is a bit weak. I have to grind my clit aggressively against it to make more contact. But as I feel the giddiness of reaching the maximum height of the swing combined with Moxie’s clitoral stimulation, I cum anyway. Hard. Harder than ever, maybe. The headrush forces a wail from my lips and I start to cry. When I get off the swing, my legs buckle under me but I catch myself.

I’m going to need to do this at least once a week.

Trader Joe’s, Snack Aisle, 6:30pm

As I glide through the cramped aisles as gracefully as I can, I’m immensely thankful for the soft finish on Moxie’s silicone exterior. I’m able to maneuver around the other patrons, reach for high items, and bend for the low ones without chaffing. I feel Moxie against my vulva but it doesn’t make contact with my clit when standing. Instead, it’s like a massage chair for my labia majora.

I’ve changed into stretchy full-coverage boyshorts to hold Moxie securely in place but I worry anyway. I have a full-on waking nightmare imagining Moxie working its way out of my pants and onto the shoe of one of my fellow shoppers. What if the young mom next to me, who is patiently toting a toddler, picks it up for me, unknowing? She just ducked in for some kale and she leaves scarred for life. In the end, there’s need not worry, Moxie’s magnetic clip holds its position in my pants without wavering.

I grab a jar of cookie butter and box of Joe-Joe’s and haul ass.

Moxie has many strengths. I think it’s the best vibrator in its category. The magnetic clip works beautifully. If you want panty vibe, the magnetic clip alone might make Moxie worth it to you. I cannot overstate the usefulness of the clip. I’ve always resisted buying panty vibes because I cannot stand ill-fitting panties. Being able to clip Moxie into my biggest, ugliest, and comfiest pair of panties is a joy. Also, the fact that Moxie can be controlled by remote or app is wonderful. I usually don’t like tinkering with app-controlled vibrators, so I prefer the remote and I’m thankful that it’s been included. Yes, the app has a lot more functions, but I love the ease of clicking a remote.

But it’s not all wine and roses; there a few weaknesses. First, when I tried using the app to control Moxie while wearing a pair of panties topped with leggings, the Bluetooth connection dropped as soon as I extended my arm, stretching my phone a couple of feet from my body. It reconnected quickly when I put the phone close to my crotch but the spotty connection was annoying nonetheless. I also don’t find the vibrations as strong and rumbly as I’ve come to expect from We-Vibe. This is further complicated by my large-ish labia majora. I need to spread my labia in order to really feel the vibrations on my clitoris and that’s not really possible in public. When standing, Moxie vibrates against my labia majora only. It’s a pleasant feeling but it’s in no way orgasmic. Moxie is best for someone whose clit isn’t quite as “hidden.”

We-Vibe Wearable Clitoral Vibrator on a marble background

Manufacturer Claims

“With its whisper quiet vibrations, slim design and app-enabled controls Moxie is the ultimate in discretion. The We-Connect™ app lets you or a partner take control of Moxie from anywhere with the touch of a screen (and it looks like you’re just checking your email).”

We-Vibe’s Moxie listing on their official site

I found all of this to be true. Moxie’s very quiet and if there’s any ambient noise around (television, music, chatter in a restaurant), you won’t hear it. The app is very discrete as well.

“The perfectly contoured shape is made of silky smooth body-safe silicone, with a slip-proof magnet that stays in place as you move. The slim design is invisible under your clothes, so you can go anywhere with complete confidence.”

We-Vibe’s Moxie listing on their official site

We-Vibe’s silicone feels soft and premium. At times, I wished it was cushioned a bit but overall, Moxie is comfortable. And despite my niggling doubt, Moxie stayed in place like a champ. It’s also too small to be detected, which is great.

“Change vibration modes and intensity in the moment with Moxie’s easy-to-use remote, or download the free We-Connect™ app to create custom vibes and let your partner control Moxie from anywhere — whether you’re in the same room or across the globe.”

We-Vibe’s Moxie listing on their official site

The remote is definitely a breeze. And Bluetooth connection issues aside, the We-Connect app is highly customizable and adding a partner is easy. As long as both of you have the app installed and an internet connection, using the app is simple and fun.

We-Vibe wearable clitoral vibrator on marble background with remote in background

The Same Questions We Always Ask

  • Manufacturer? We-Vibe
  • Material? Silicone
  • Color Options? Teal only
  • Power Source? Rechargeable Battery
  • Charging Time? A 90-minute charge yields up to 2 hours of run-time
  • Waterproof? Yes
  • Price? $129.99
  • Body-Safe? Yes
  • Dimensions? 3.35 inches in overall length x .9 inches thick x 1.06 inches wide
  • Anal-Safe (Does it have a flared base)? No
  • Suggested Use? Clitoral stimulation
  • O-ring Compatible? No
  • Vac-u-lock Compatible? No
  • Lube? Optional, use a good water-based lube
  • Ease of cleaning? Easy Peasy. As with other silicone toys, wash with soap and water before and after each use. To disinfect: wash gently with soap and water, rinse. Follow using a 10% bleach solution with one-minute of contact time. Rinse.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to buy vibrating panties, Moxie is as good as it gets. This wearable clitoral vibrator is thoughtfully designed, completely customizable, and perfect for couples play. Overall, We-Vibe has succeeded with this new offering. While I wish that Moxie had deeply rumbly vibrations like We-Vibe’s Tango, it’s still great for a cheeky tease.

Moxie retails for $129.99 but you can snag it at Peepshow Toys for just $117 when you sign up for emails.

Thank you to We-Vibe for sending me Moxie.
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We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Vibrator


Quality, Value, Orgasm-ability



  • App-controlled or remote-controlled for versatility
  • Soft silicone is comfortable for extended use
  • Quiet enough for discretion
  • Strong magnet works with most panty styles


  • Not as rumbly as expected
  • Less powerful than expected